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Showcase Your Orchard On Your
New Product Profile!


How to Create Your Producers Corner Profile

Texas Olive Producers can now log in to the TOOC Member Account section and update their account information so it can be used on the new Producers Corner Profile page.

You can log in using your TOOC Membership information, or account information from the 2013 Second Annual Texas Olive Growers Conference. Once the information is entered, you will be prompted to update your password.

Can’t locate your Account information? If you are a current or former TOOC Member, use the Forgot Password link on the login page. Just fill in your first and last name, along with the email address you used to register. A temporary password will be be sent to your email address.* The temporary password will expire after 24 hours, so be sure to log in and create a permanent password as soon as you can after you receive your login information email.

How to get your information to display on the Producers Corner page

You must be a current TOOC Member to have a Profile on the Producers Corner page. If your Membership has lapsed and you were the original payor, a Renew Membership button will appear on the Status screen after login. Click the button to Renew or Update your TOOC Membership.*

Only Businesses are shown on the initial Producers Corner page, so make sure you have your business information filled in in the Account Management section. If you don't have an official business, but you would still like to be listed on the Producers Corner page, just add your full name in for the Business name.

Be sure to fill out the Long and Short Description fields in the Company Profile section. The Short Description will be displayed on the main Producers Corner page and can be used to give a short overview of the services you offer.

If you add information for the Long Description, that will be displayed on your own Producers Corner page. You can also have one image displayed on that page. Use the Company Profile Image link to add an image to your page. If the individuals on your TOOC Membership have given permission to have their information made public, they will also be displayed at the bottom of your page.

If you have added a web URL and email contact for your business, that information will automatically be displayed with your business information. You will need to give permission for us to display your business address and phone number though. There's a checkbox for that on the Address and Phone Information pages.

IMPORTANT: The checkbox to “Make Information Publicly Accessible” on the Personal Information section allows us to publish your information. If this is not checked, your information will not appear. Checking the box allows names and email addresses to display on the business profile page, and the bio to display on the individual’s page. There is also a checkbox for permission on the Address and Phone Information pages, however, the permission checkbox on the Personal Information page will take precedence.

*If you are having trouble logging in, contact for a temporary login, or for help updating your TOOC Membership information.