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The Olive Growing Revolution

The first super high density or hedgerow plantations, carried out in 1995 in Spain by the plant-nursery company Agromillora caused a real revolution in a culture that had remained virtually unchanged in the last centuries. The increase of the density of planting and the mechanized harvesting with the same over-the-row harvesters used in grape-harvesting, symbolized the changing process towards an olive-growing culture that is more and more introducing the use of technology. The expansion of this system has gone beyond the traditional oil producing countries of the Mediterranean basin (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia...) and, today, is an inseparable part of the olive-growing landscape of countries such as the United States, Chile or Australia. All the above, together with changes in the main actors of the sector and technical news, are factors which justify the objective aimed with this book: showing the new reality of a sector that is in a phase of complete metamorphosis. The authors renounced to include general information in each one of the chapters, considering that it is treated extensively in most of the books on olive-growing. It is intended that each one of the chapters, unequivocally defining the parameters that have an influence on the super high density model, would also become a motivating introduction so that the reader might be able to deepen the topics discussed in other more specialized books.

“This is the most useful and comprehensive book I have found for serious olive growers yet. I keep a copy in my truck and another one on my nightstand.”—Jim Henry

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